One more before the weekend is over…

I grew up in the bay area.  I’ve lived through the good and bad times here.  Here’s a good story about how things are around here now a days.  It’s also crossed my mind to move out of the area.

Highlights of the story:

  • A couple is selling their home, that they brought their 2 sons home from the hospital to,  for $1.3 million.
  • They’re moving to Bend, OR.
  • …and the husband’s company is bringing their (11) employees with them.
  • 34% of residents are considering leaving the region.
  • The most common places people are moving to are Seattle, Porltland, and Austin.

Check out the story:

Trimming the fat

Somewhat in line with minimalism views.  I gave 2 mountain bikes away to my friends and I’ll be selling my older vehicle.  I haven’t rode the bikes for almost a couple years.  It’ll be tougher to part with the vehicle.  A lot of memories with that thing.